Experience real Life PSC Intelligence with KPIs, Detentions, Reports and PSC Preparation in a better, faster and more cost effective way!

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Annual Fee (€) per Fleet Segment Free 900 € 1,800 € 2,400 € 
Duration 30 days 12 months 12 months  12 months 
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KPI Analytics 4x 4x monthly
Stats on Fleet/Ports/Managers 4x 4x monthly
Detentions Regime/Country/List/Query 4x 4x monthly
All Reports (excl. benchmarking) 4x 4x monthly
PSC Preparation Tool for ports 4x 4x monthly
All Reports sections on Benchmarking vs regime/global 4x    
Benchmarking 4x    
Insights 4x    
PDF/Video Library Access
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Reports Requests per month per report 4 4 Unlimited  Unlimited 
XL and PDF Exports  
Ship Specific Access    
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Why RISK4SEA Extra

Ideal for small fleets

Better/faster PSC preparation

Real Life intelligence with value for money


Did you know that the Detention Rate is increasing in the USA? 25% more on the Detention Rate for Bulk Carriers in 2020 vs. 2019.

Features in detail

1. KPIs Analytics

Access all the critical KPIs and their trends for the last five years filtered by fleet segments and vessel’s age. Find specific information for the PSC inspections globally.

How do you gain access to accurate KPIs regarding your fleet PSC performance lastly? RISK4SEA, with more than 500,000 inspections globally over the last five years, can provide KPIs concerning fleet segment and the age of your vessels. Obtain monthly updated information for all the trends.

2. Statistics and Demographics

Learn the shipping industry with fleets, ports, countries, and managers’ demographics – in-depth knowledge per fleet segment and age group.

Which is the more extensive fleet by far? Under whom authority can we find the more significant number of young vessels? RISK4SEA, with more than 4,700 managers and 40,000 vessels, could provide you with a clear picture of the industry and enhance your ability to understand the fleets’ unique characteristics globally.

3. Detention Analytics

Obtain the very last and updated detention lists globally for all the fleet segments, filtered by country, flag, class, and P&I club. With dynamic graphs, it is feasible better to understand the nature of the detentions and their reasons.

Detentions took place for various reasons in every regime, and they are getting published, although can you be sure that it is feasible to analyze them and know the reasons behind these detentions?  RISK4SEA, constructing a database that includes more than 20,000 detentions globally, could give you insights into the detentions and learn the trends in all fleet segments.

4. Report Analytics

Access in-depth analysis for more than 2,500 ports, 100 countries, significant Regimes, and more than 4,700 managers globally. With dynamically changed graphs, you can inform all the critical deficiency items and the industry’s global performance.

Do you know which large port in Paris MoU did not have detention for Bulk Carriers in 2020? Do you know precisely the level of severity of the upscaling trends in Australia? Do you know your KPIs how they stand across the other managers? RISK4SEA could bring the answers to these and more deep questions in just a few seconds. Enhance your knowledge of the ports globally or just gain access to your company’s statistics easily for your desired period in the last five years.

5. Benchmarking Analytics

Compare the PSC inspection results among your choice managers, ports, or countries, based on the fleet segments for the given period between the last five years.

Can you find how much better PSC performance your company had the last three months between other significant managers in the industry? Compare your results and gain information for the best practices or what to avoid. RISK4SEA can help you that with specific comparisons for every single country that you have been inspected.

6. Insights

With the insights, you can access the performance for flags, classes, P&I clubs, or even for the Managers Base. Gain access to insightful information based on your fleet’s characteristics.

Are you asking yourself which flag, class, or P&I club has the best PSC performance in every fleet segment? Is your country base targeted on the PSC inspections? RISK4SEA could provide valid information to answer these questions and to enlighten the hidden elements behind the success.

7. PDF Library

Have access to the PDF Library and gain knowledge of the industry with insightful reports of the past years and the trends hidden behind the glamorous best-performers.

Do you want to have access to PDF reports for the Annual Review? You can find reports about managers, ports, or even the performance per fleet segment for the PDF Library last year. RISK4SEA could bring in-depth analysis for ports, managers, or global statistics per fleet segment in just a few pages.

8. Monthly email Updates & Alerts

A monthly boost of PSC inspection information would be coming into your office with all the past month’s key elements.

Have you recently received an email informing you about what happened the last month regarding the PSC inspections? How many detentions took place? What about the alarming trends and patterns in more than 2,500 ports? RISK4SEA could inform your office of all the news and trends that took place the last month and enhance your knowledge of the PSC inspections. More deep knowledge could assist you with the decisions.

Enter the RISK4SEA Extra experience

5 ways to use the RISK4SEA Extra

RISK4SEA Extra provides real Life PSC Intelligence with KPIs, Detentions, Reports and PSC Preparation in a better, faster and more cost effective way.


1. Identify KPIs for Fleet Under Management and Operations

2. Identify Ship Detention analytics and trends

3. Get Manager, Port, Country and Regime reports and insights

4. Prepare for the next port of call

5. Familiarise with the platform and upgrade as you go

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